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Ilana Posner

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I want everyone to live a lower-stressed life while understanding which food and lifestyle choices support the lifestyle they desire.
Together, through my weekly accountability, you can take control of your health & life, without compromising on everything else.
I use a holistic approach to health that focuses on your forming a healthy relationship with food & your body-without deprivation, guilt, or restriction. With this mindset shift, my clients have more energy to make empowered decisions.

Coaching Credentials

Health Coach Institute

Education Credentials

Health Coach Institute - Certified Health and Life Coach

My Ideal Client

Men and women who are looking to cope with and reduce stress and make themselves a priority. Someone who is in need of self-care, self-love, and mindset shifts navigating all of life's obstacles.

Primary Specialization

Health and Wellness Coaching

Secondary Specialization

Self-Love and Empowerment

Third Specialization

Self-Care and Stress Management

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