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Joel Kahn

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I'm a physician committed to preventive medicine. In order to help you achieve your goals of a more fulfilling life I obtained a Health and Wellness Coaching certification from Wellcoaches and a Lifestyle Medicine Coach certification through the American College of Lifestyle Medicine then became a Harvard CHEF certified culinary coach. My goal in coaching you is to help you unlock your potential by creating a personalized approach to improving your life and decreasing your need for medication.

Coaching Credentials

Wellcoaches Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Education Credentials

BA (music and biology) Medical Doctor (Internist)

My Ideal Client

My ideal client is someone that is interested in helping themselves but needs support in figuring how to do that, or in motivating themselves.

Primary Specialization

Health and Wellness Coach

Secondary Specialization

Cooking Coach

Third Specialization

Lifestyle Medicine

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