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Cassandra F.

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My educational background includes Social Work, Therapeutic Counselling, cognitive neuropsychology, Positive Psychotherapy and Mental Health. In addition, I've practical experience in the Mental Health field in different countries. My mission is to help you overcome self-doubt and worse case scenarios by reprogramming your beliefs, healing your mind, developing resilience, and mastering your anxiety. You will receive tools about psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness, holistic health and more.

Education Credentials

social work, therapeutic counselling

My Ideal Client

someone who wants to take control of their thoughts and emotions while calming their monkey mind; looking for a holistic perspective to rebalance their mind, rewire their brain and promote well-being and inner peace; understand the underlying cause of their anxiety; Build self-compassion, self-love, self-confidence and live in a mindfulness state ;

Primary Specialization

mental health, holistic health mindfulness mindset

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