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Scott Gooding

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"Scott Gooding is a prominent holistic nutrition and performance coach, author and celebrity chef living in Sydney, Australia. Scott has worked in the health and fitness industry since 2005 and has created The Scott Gooding Project, and is the founder of The Good Group which includes his restaurants and ready meals along with his range our kitchen products. He is passionate about helping people tap into their fullest potential through a step-wise, logical and realistic approach."

Coaching Credentials

BSc Exercise science / Holistic Nutrition Coach - Holistic Performance Institute

Education Credentials

Degree w Hons , Exercise Specialist, Holistic Nutrition Coach - Holistic Performance Institute

My Ideal Client

Female - 30-50yrs professional

Primary Specialization

Holistic Health Coach

Secondary Specialization

Holistic Performance Coach

Third Specialization

Nutrition and cooking

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